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  • 14 Zhivko Nikolov str, 1505 Sofia Bulgaria.

Scope of Work

The company undertakes projects related to promotional duties for companies and organizations and conducts Business Consulting as well as selling high end productsFocused on distributing Commodities  for ALCATEL mobile phones – THOMPSON-TESLA BATTERIES & CONSUMER ELECTRONICS is essential for moving forward in order to increase awareness in to the market of Balkans (Bulgaria, FYROM , Albania, Greece* ) & Israel

General Business Activities

Drive International has been established as a Marketing Services &  Product Distribution  company in Sofia – Bulgaria.Our business model is based on the accomplishment of projects / delivery of services related to promotion activities, marketing activities, B2B activities and all below the line supportive activities

The commercial sector is related  to commodities distribution  for TVs, Mobile & Phone devices , Consumer Electronics & Batteries

Our clients